Part A: In teams of three, complete as many total reps as possible in 12minutes of:
Partner 1: 200M Medball Run (20lbs/14lbs)
Partner 2: Thruster (75lbs/55lbs)
Partner 3: Toes to bar

*The run is the pace setter for this workout and the thruster and toes to bar stations are for as many reps as possible. When partner 1 completes 200M run, he tags partner 2 on the thruster and continues counting reps where partner 2 left off. Partner two moves to toes to bar and partner 3 moves to the run. A hand tag is required before rotating.

*Score is the sum of thrusters and toes to bar.

Part B: 
In your groups of 3:
Row 2k for time
*One person works at a time. Rotate in any fashion
**Rest as needed from part 1

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