Part A: In groups of 3 people complete 9 rounds:
10 Bench press (use a load that is challenging for 10 reps unbroken each set)
500/400m Row (if you have assault bikes do 1k/800 meters)

*Person 1 does 10 BP/Row, then person 2 does 10 BP/Row, then person 3 does 10 BP/Row. That would be 3 rounds. The next partner enters to bench press when the person in front of them hits the 350 meter mark of the row interval.
**Be sure to make sure partners are spotting each other with this workout.

Part B: 
1) 3 Sets 3 x 3 Dips + 3 Shoot Throughs on Parallettes
*If you do not have enough parallettes use boxes or plates stacked up.
2) 4 Rounds Tabata Push-up
*1 Round of Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest

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