If you want to get better at CrossFit, you've come to the right place...

CrossFit Rittenhouse has recently undergone a change in ownership and management.

Our coaches have competed and coached at multiple CrossFit Games Regionals, won national titles in olympic weightlifting, written for top strength and conditioning publications and rehabbed ex-olympic athletes. 

We've given this place a lot of love. You can expect traditional CrossFit programming, clean equipment, and amenities like towel service.

If you have CrossFit experience, let's talk.

While things like Assault Bikes are nice, the member community is the core of an excellent CrossFit gym. That's why we are looking for members to help us build the culture of the gym from the ground up.

Your first step is filling out the form below. We'll get you in here for a free No Sweat Intro where we will discuss goals and figure out a plan to help you get there.


Life after your free No Sweat Intro

After your No Sweat Intro you'll be able to join CrossFit Rittenhouse and participate in any of our group classes.

You can view our full schedule here: 

To sign up fill out the form: